Edinburgh Castle in the snow. Winter in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle in the snow

Edinburgh Castle is always a dramatic sight, it looms over the city on Castle Rock, which is not merely a rocky mass but an extinct volcano. The castle has been looking even more dramatic than usual this winter with an occasional dusting of snow, as shown above set against the bare winter trees.

Sideways snow makes the walk to work more interesting!

After moving to Edinburgh from London last August, I’ve taken to my new home well. I love being able to see Mike every day, instead of doing long distance. And the city is so beautiful, and it feels like a much easier place to live than London (the people are friendly, it’s so easy to get around as its much smaller, etc).

My first winter in Edinburgh has been a happy time. The colder weather hasn’t bothered me too much, I’ve enjoyed being able to stay in and read a book or two, have some more time for creativity and not feel bad about staying in because of how cold it is outside! I did cheat a little bit by going to Australia for two weeks over Christmas though..

Holly in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

I still caught some Christmas cheer in Edinburgh before we made the trip to Aus. Wintery walks through the Royal Botanic Gardens are always nice, especially with the holly looking all festive. I really enjoyed the Edinburgh Christmas Market over the holiday season too, though I seem to have mostly taken stories on Instagram instead of photos!

Circus Lane, Stockbridge

Another positive of the winter is that there can be less tourists! (Unless you hang out around the Edinburgh Christmas Market!!) It was nice to go for a chilly walk down Circus Lane one Sunday, with not a tourist or a camera in sight!

Edinburgh at dusk

And while the sun used to set at around 3.30pm every afternoon, the days are getting longer and longer, and my first Spring in Edinburgh is nearly here!

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