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Never have I been to a destination like the Vaderoarnas before. The Vaderoarnas (or the Weather Islands) are the most westerly islands of Sweden, and I’m not sure that I can really sum up in words just how beautiful and unusual they were to spend a day exploring. I’m not even sure my photography does it justice.

The Vaderoarnas have an unusually rocky terrain, and maroon, Swedish-style houses jut out of the stone island. And the skies! The island is remote and has barely been developed, so the sky fills so much of the landscape. Usually on a small island you feel encircled by the sea, but on the Weather Islands, the sky felt like it was everywhere, and this negative space against the rough landscape of the island and its Swedish architecture was an incredible sight.

Compared to the other islands of the west coast archipelago that we visited, like Marstrand, there were so few tourists on the Vaderoarnas. The majority of the visitors who were there seemed to be Swedish, which made it feel like more of an authentic travel experience. It felt as though we had deviated from the tourist trail a bit, which can be hard to achieve today.

We hiked all around the island exploring, before having a very Swedish lunch of prawn sandwiches, with the bread invisible under the mountain of seafood.

Despite having seen all of the island in our day trip, my friend Erica and I were both reluctant to leave when it came time to take the ferry back to Fjällbacka. There is accommodation available on the Vaderoarnas, and we could see families relaxing in hot spas outside their holiday homes. If one day I make it back to this place, I won’t miss a night on the island again. I can only imagine the view of the stars.

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  1. Scandinavia is one of the prettiest places I’ve been. I haven’t had a chance to visit these islands, but I would love to. They look beautiful. And I think your photos are great 🙂

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