Soon I’ll ditch my winter wardrobe for a tropical holiday in Fiji. The idea of lounging around in the sun with cocktail in hand, before cooling off with a swim is positively distracting at the moment. Since I’m getting in the mood for my trip, I thought I’d share with you a quick photodiary from my last island getaway: Ko Phi Phi Island. This was a couple of years ago now, back when my hair was still long and I had yet to upgrade to a professional camera!

My friends and I spent three nights in Ko Phi Phi, staying at The Holiday Inn on Laem Tong Beach. Laem Tong Beach is on the other side of the island from Tonsai Town, where the bars, restaurants and full moon parties bring crowds of travellers.

The Holiday Inn was lovely, it was luxuriously peaceful staying there. It’s ideal for those looking to have a family trip, romantic holiday or a relaxing stay with friends. It has a lovely pool and a stunning beach front.

However, Laem Tong Beach is so quiet because it’s quite secluded. So it may not be the best choice for those looking to party. This mostly suited us, because we more wanted a relaxing holiday, but we were also a bit curious about the Tonsai Town nightlife and wanted to experience a full moon party.

The only way to get to Tonsai Town from Laem Tong Beach is to catch a 25 minute longtail boat. This was alright on the way to Tonsai Town, but didn’t give us much flexibility in terms of how long we’d be out for, because we’d have to prearrange a time for the driver to pick us back up again and take us home. (Our drivers also weren’t keen to pick us up late.)

I’m more one for sipping cocktails by the pool than playing fire limbo (though you can see that I did give that a shot as well!), so I definitely preferred staying in Laem Tong Beach. At that time, I’d never stayed in a luxury resort before, so it was a special experience.

Thinking back about it makes me so excited for my upcoming resort stay. It’s a windy winter day today, and I’m about to head out into it. I’m going to rug up in a coat, but I’m consoling myself with the fact that I’ll soon be trading it for a bikini!


1. Longtail boats on Laem Tong Beach / 2. Me going for a dip at Laem Tong Beach / 3. The view from a longtail boat ride / 4. A cocktail with a view at the Holiday Inn Resort / 5. Longtail boats on Laem Tong Beach / 6. The view from Phi Phi Island lookout / 7. A fire twirler at the full moon party / 8. Releasing our lanterns at the full moon party / 9. My sad attempt at fire limbo. 

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  1. Nice pictures! Ko Phi Phi is a lovely island! You must have had such an amazing relaxing holidays in Laem Tong… 🙂 I spent 5 days of our holidays near the Long Beach (close to Tonsai village), but I had been thinking about Laem Tong as well (indeed the transport facilities made me hesitate). As we went after the main season, our place was still quite calm, while the other part of the village is probably busy all the year long.

    • Thanks so much! How did you enjoy Long Beach? It sounds like a nice spot if it was calm. Yeah that is the problem with Laem Tong, I guess it depends on whether you’re more interested in a resort holiday or getting around a bit as well.

  2. Great pictures! I was in Koh Phi Phi last year. My Thai wife’s cousin lives on the island and works as a traditional Thai masseuse. Joy (my wife’s cousin) is married to a Phi Phi taxiboat captain. Bao (the captain) took us on a tour of the islands and we went snorkeling. Loved Phi Phi even although it’s a bit over-developed – the marine life was stunning. Good post!

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