I was on my way to Fotografiska, Stockholm’s incredible photography museum, when I got caught in torrential rain. The kind of rain that everything just stops for. I took this photo as the downpour was just starting, and I love the light, the droplets of water, the lines of the train tracks and the city in the background. It instantly became a favourite of mine.

After taking it I tried to continue on my way, but as the rain worsened I ended up huddled under a stranger’s doorway for shelter.

I was rather drenched by the time I made it to Fotografiska, but it was worth weathering the storm for. At the time, Nick Brandt’s exhibition On This Earth A Shadow Falls Across The Ravaged Land was on display, which explored Africa’s endangered natural world. I almost cried in front of a series of two of Brandt’s photographs, one a line of elephants marching across the landscape, and the second a line of men holding elephants tusks on the same landscape. I gasped when I realised what I was looking at, the imagery was so powerful.

This trip was my first one to Stockholm, and I stayed with family for roughly a week. It’s such a photogenic city, and has so many museums and galleries to explore and so much history to discover. And as Europe’s old towns go, Gamla Stan would have to be up there with the most picturesque.

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1. Stockholm in the rain / 2. Stockholm’s architecture, stormy skies and the train / 3. The city of Stockholm and its trains / 4. Such pretty architecture / 5. Gardens / 6. A statue, I love the striking green colours of statues in Europe / 7. The view from an alleyway in Gamla Stan / 8. Gamla Stan / 9. Gamla Stan / 10. Marten Trotzigs grand, the narrowest alleyway in Stockholm /12. Stockholm, so pretty!.

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    • Thanks so much Eden, that’s so kind of you! 🙂 I definitely recommend checking Stockholm out, I had a wonderful time there.

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