April can be summed up in one word for most of the NSW coastline: damp. Floods and hail lashed the region, as storms moved through the atmosphere.

On a personal level it’s been a month of thinking and planning out upcoming projects, and of going home. I’ve been able to spend a bit of time in Newcastle with my family lately, which has been lovely.

The photo above is of a storm over the ocean in Newcastle. You can’t see it in the photo, but lightning appeared to be┬ástriking right near a number of coal ships on the coast line. I took this photo from the cliffs at Bar Beach, and watched as a storm rolled in around me from all sides. After a few minutes, the lightning grew too close and scary, and I jumped in my car and drove home.┬áBefore long, hail stones were slamming into my windscreen.

Below is another photo of the storm, as well as some gloomy shots I took of my father (who is a dedicated swimmer) at Merewether Baths on another day.

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1. Lightning over Bar Beach / 2. Storms over Bar Beach / 3. A long exposure taken at Merewether Baths / 4. My father at Merewether Baths / 5. Gloomy long exposure taken at Merewether Baths / 6. My father at Merewether Baths.

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