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I’ve been living in London for two and a half months, and yet this is my first blog post about being here! At first I wasn’t sure where to start with writing about my experiences in London, but now I think the best way to kick off the London chapter of my blogging is to share a collection of moments from my time here so far.

Photo 1 (above): I paused to take this one during a run around Richmond. I was struck by how beautiful and green it was along the river (I think we’d just had a lot of rain!) and had to take a photo.

1.1 london south bank street art photography red graphic

Photo 2: Me posing with some street art. I think in South Bank?

2. squirrel clapham common london wildlife uk travel

Photo 3: Stalking a squirrel with my phone during a run around Clapham Common. I didn’t see squirrels so much when I first arrived in August, but now they seem to be everywhere! I need to try to get a closer photo of one with my proper camera. We don’t have squirrels in Australia, so I love coming across them!

3. street art brick lane london

Photo 4: Street art in East London. My inner Star Wars fan loves this one!

4. street art brick lane london

Photo 5: More street art in East London

5. richmond park london

Photo 6: Richmond Park, such a beautiful place!

7. coffee richmond london travel blog

Photo 7: I was told so many horror stories about how terrible coffee in London is, but good coffee is out there, you just have to hunt for it! I had this one with some of the most amazing orange and chocolate pancakes I’ve ever eaten at Jackson & Rye in Richmond.
6. richmond park deer london

Photo 8: A casual deer crossing my path in Richmond Park.

8. st pauls cathedral

Photo 9: St Paul’s Cathedral. The line was too long for me to brave waiting to go inside, but I promise I will soon.

9. autumn leaves london season cold nature walks travel leaf

Photo 10: Beautiful autumn leaves on my walk home.

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