moving to london united kingdom red telephone box night long exposureAnd I’m on my way there already! I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Singapore, where I have a 24-hour stopover before continuing on.

Living overseas has been something that I’ve thought about doing for a long time. But before now, it’s never seemed like the “right” time. But I decided to make NOW the right time. And once I started setting things in motion I received an exciting job offer in London.

The travel options in the UK, the culture scene, the career opportunities, the excitement of starting again in a new place… I’m so happy that it’s happening.

The insane blur of preparation for the move was intense: packing up my apartment, changing jobs, a terrifying amount of life admin, many catch ups with friends and family – and somehow I squeezed in a holiday in Fiji for a wedding in late June/early July as well!

The weeks leading up to leaving Australia were challenging. It was a weird feeling to be about to leave. Sometimes I’d be excited and would start to disconnect a little or would feel numb in preparation to go, but then next day I’d feel the opposite and the move would seem very surreal and abstract and I’d still feel very invested in my life in Sydney and everything I’d built for myself there. It was a bit uncomfortable being in a period of limbo, I guess.

Leaving friends and family has been really hard, that goes without saying I think…

But it’s all come together so incredibly well now and I know that it’ll be worth it. I’m so excited to arrive and get started now! But before I get settled, I’m going to Sweden for a holiday with family and friends, which should be amazing! More on everything soon…

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  1. I’m so happy for you! It does sound exciting, scary and awesome 🙂 I hope everything continue to go well.
    Have a great holiday in Sweden!

  2. Wonderful! I’ve lived in Ireland (home), Germany and now Malaysia and couldn’t be happier to have done it – best of luck with it and enjoy the holiday first!

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