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The sunset that Erica and I watched over beers in Fjallbacka had to be the most beautiful one we saw while travelling the Swedish west coast archipelago in July.

We didn’t have much time in Fjallbacka really, but the extra hours of daylight meant that we still got to experience a fair bit of the town. The sun was setting at 10pm at the time, which was so surreal to me.

We explored Fjallbacka the afternoon that we arrived, but the next day we day tripped to the Vaderoarnas on the ferry (the Vaderoarnas are incredible, a post is coming up on them soon). But we still returned in plenty of time to watch the sunset over the town’s typically red Swedish houses.

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3. fjallbacka-boats-houses-water-ocean-island-west-coast-sweden-swedish-archipelago-photography-travel 4. fjallbacka-sweden-boats-travel-blogger-wanderlust-photography 5. sweden-fjallbacka-west-coast-archipelago-houses-rock-cliff-scenic 6. fjallbacka-boat-nautical-ship-sea-crew-quaint-west-coast-sweden 8. fjallbacka-boat-sweden-trip-travel-west-coast 9. beer-alcohol-sweden-fjallbacka-scandanavia

Sunset over Fjallbacka. 2.Fjallbacka jetty. 3. Fjallbacka from the ferry. 4. Typical Swedish style houses. 5.Fjallbacka jetty. 6. Fjallbacka houses set into the rock face. 7. Fjallbacka sailors. 8.Sunset over Fjallbacka. 9. Beers at Hotel Bryggan on the waterfront.

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