I never meant to blog about Christmas in London. That might be why this is only going up now, in late January.

The truth is, first of all, that I spent Christmas in Australia. These photos were taken earlier in December, when things were getting festive in London in the lead up to the holidays. I had some great times out with friends enjoying new experiences (ice skating at the Natural History Museum, a chilly ferris wheel ride over Leicester Square, checking out Carnaby Street for the first time, seeing the Oxford Street decorations). The Christmas lights in London are so beautiful. And I’ve wanted to experience an outdoor ice rink for a long time.

But it was a hard time to be away from home. Despite the highlights, during my everyday life in December it felt difficult to be away from Australia and my family.

But now that I’m back and I’ve gotten my fix of home, London and I are on good terms again. So I thought I’d share some photos from my December in London.

2.ice-skate-london-museum-rink-highlights-dec-travel-abroad-london-life-penguins-photo3.carnaby-st-christmas-decorations-lights-photography-december-winter-london-britain-uk4.christmas-in-london-aussie-australian-christmas-lights-winter-photography5.christmas-bauble-street-decorations-london-december-xmas-lights6.london-oxford-street-city-lights-decorations-festive-photography-travel-blog7.london-ferris-wheel-lights-decorations-christmas-in-london-the-uk1 & 2. Ice skating at the Natural History Museum, 3, 4 & 5. Carnaby St Christmas decorations, 6. Leicester Square Christmas decorations, 7. The Oxford Street decorations

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  1. London at Christmastime looks absolutely beautiful. So festive and bright.
    I’ve only visited in the summer (and I’m actually returning there this summer), but I’ve heard London in the winter is magical. And everything from hotel rates to flights are cheaper too!

    • It’s magical at night when all of the lights come on, but during the day it was very grey and miserable. It comes to life at night during December! I hope you have a great time when you come back to London this summer!

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