A weekend in Canberra with friends made for a nice break recently. Autumn is a great time of year to visit the Australian capital, with its seasonal leaves beginning to turn and its cool but sunny days.

Ali and I went to stay at Stu and Ellie’s new pad for the weekend, and were threatening to move in permanently when we were treated to their amazing hospitality, and lots of cuddles with their pet bunny Truman (named after the American president).

On the first day Stu and Ellie cooked up a huge breakfast, which we ate in their garden, while playing with the pets and listening to the sound of the nearby celebrations at the Australian War Memorial for Operation Slipper.

Next up was coffee at Dom’s Expresso (haha), followed by checking out James Turrell’s exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. Turrell is an artist who works with light, often using it to play with the viewer’s perceptions of the space around them. It was a pretty cool exhibition, with rooms of pulsing, coloured light where the edges of the walls and the depth of the space were difficult to discern.

Afterwards, we were all hungry again and headed to Poachers Pantry for lunch. The winery is just outside of Canberra, and is actually back in NSW. There, we lunched and picked up some wine and cured meats for our picnic later that night.

We watched the sun go down from the top of Mount Ainslie, while enjoying the spoils of our trip to Poachers Pantry. Mount Ainslie is a great picnic spot, as it offers a view of the whole of Canberra and the mountains in the distance.

The next day, we checked out the Australian War Memorial. The Roll of Honour was moving to see, which lists the names of Australian servicemen and women killed in conflict on the walls of the memorial. Poppies are placed on the walls by those visiting the memorial and wishing to honour those who have died in service.


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1. Ali and Truman / 2. Truman and I / 3. Truman and I / 4. Truman / 5. Truman / 6. Adelaide the duck / 7. Flags / 8. Dom’s Expresso Bar / 9. Ellie and Ali and Poachers Pantry / 10. Ellie and Stu at Poachers Pantry / 11. The view from Mount Ainslie / 12. The view from Mount Ainslie / 13. The view from Mount Ainslie / 14. The Australian War Memorial / 15. The Roll of Honour.

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