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My first London winter is only weeks away, and it’s supposed to be the worst winter that the UK has seen in half a century. The temperature has dropped to -1 degrees this weekend, and most of the autumn leaves have already fallen now. But a few weeks ago, London was full of colour. And squirrels! So many squirrels were out gathering nuts and getting ready for winter. (I still find squirrels incredibly exciting, as we don’t have them in Australia).

One Sunday afternoon Bec and I decided to do lunch and do a park walk to make the most of the autumn prettiness while it was here. And we had a leaf fight and a photoshoot too, naturally.

I’m so lucky that Bec, one of my old friends from university, was already living in London when I arrived. In an unfamiliar place it means so much to have someone from home to spend time with. <3 you Becca! xx

2. squirrel-london-uk-photography-fall-travel 3. colours-light-autumn-london-uk 4. bec-squirrel-tree-fall-autumn-photography 5. leaf-fight-autumn-fall-london 6. bec-leaf-leaves-autumn-park-parks-london 7. bec-leaf-leaves-photography-london 8. dom-autumn-fall-park-hyde-park 9. london-autumn-colours-park-hyde-park 10. dom-hyde-park-london-sunset-autumn-fall 11. bec-hyde-park-london-autumn-sunset 12. dom-hyde-park-autumn-sunset-dusk-nikon-photography-travel 13. sunset-street-light-london-travel-blogger-move-to-london-moving-expat

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