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My review at a glance


I liked Triangl’s:

  • great customer service;
  • bright colours that don’t fade; and
  • striking designs.


I wasn’t so sure about the fact that:

  • neoprene swimwear doesn’t breathe;
  • neoprene swimwear takes a long time to dry;
  • neoprene swimwear can get uncomfortably hot;
  • many of the Triangl tops are not adjustable around the back, which can make getting the right fit more difficult;
  • tops and bottoms have to be purchased together and not seperately; and
  • the low-slung hipster bottoms are really unflattering for anyone who doesn’t have super bony hips.

When I first saw the design of Triangl’s Milly bikini top, I was smitten. But since then, I’ve become a bit hesitant to try them out. The Australian brand is all the rage in Bondi at the moment, and I can’t walk more than a few metres on a hot day without seeing another girl swanning about in one of the designs from the trendy swimwear line.

What sold me on the idea of giving them a try was an article I read on neoprene swimwear claiming that the fabric doesn’t stretch out in the way that most swimwear fabric does, meaning that the bottoms are less likely to go saggy after a few wears in the sea (an ongoing problem with a water baby like me). It also claimed that the colours don’t fade as much in comparison to other swimwear materials.

Colour fade and fabric stretch are the reasons I go through so many pairs of bikinis every summer, so this made neoprene bikinis sound pretty good to me. I had to give Triangl a try.

I ordered Milly in New York Noir, which is a matte, leather-look style. Since Triangl is only available online at, unfortunately there’s no opportunity to try on sizes prior to purchase. After speaking to customer service about my measurements, I was advised to order the MIlly in a medium top and a medium bottom. At first, the customer service representative was a bit unsure about which top I should order, as the Milly style (and many of the other Triangl bikini tops for that matter) is not adjustable around the back, which means that it can be difficult to order the right fit if your cup size is not directly in proportion to your back measurement. I’m not really sure why the back isn’t adjustable, as it seems to me that the tops would fit a lot more customers and result in fewer returns if this were the case.

When they arrived, the top was too big around the back and the bottoms were too small. There were also slight scratches on the surface of the bikini top. To Triangl’s credit, when they were informed of this small fault, they sent me a replacement bikini immediately, telling me to just pop the other one in the post when I had the time. They provide amazing customer service for an online store.

This time I went for the Milly again but in the Santa Rosa Splash (I decided the black New York Noir colour didn’t suit my fair skin tone), which is a beautiful, bright blue. I went for a small in the top and a large in the bottoms.

I love the style and the fit of the Santa Rosa Splash Milly bikini top. The small fits me perfectly and has a nice shape to it. I also adore the colour of Santa Rosa Splash, as it’s very vibrant and flattering. However, I hate the bottoms that come with this bikini. They’re a low-slung, hipster style which cuts directly into the softest part of my hips. Yet despite the fact that they cut in at the sides, they’re also somehow uncomfortably loose around the back.

I also find the neoprene material can be quite uncomfortable at times. It doesn’t really breathe and gets quite hot very quickly. It also takes much longer than normal swimwear to dry out. This means that I find myself walking back from the beach on a hot day in boiling swimwear that is still damp, despite my having been out of the water for 40 minutes or so.

Since the swimwear gets quite hot, I’m not sure it would be suitable for those who prefer to sunbake rather than swim: I think it would get uncomfortably warm really quickly if you were just laying out in the sun wearing it.

I find it perfectly comfortable if I just wear the top and mix and match it with other bottoms. The black edging of the Santa Rosa Splash style means it looks great with plain black bottoms. However, the bikinis are only available for purchase in sets and not separately, which means that customers have to buy the bottoms as well in order to get a top. For this reason I’m not sure if I’ll purchase Triangl again in the future; I don’t really want to have to pay for more neoprene bikini bottoms. I do love their bikini tops though.

Have you ordered a Triangl bikini? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below.

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1. Triangl Milly in New York Noir / 2. Triangl Milly bikini top in New York Noir / 3. Triangl bikini in Milly Santa Rosa Splash.

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  1. The sizing chArts were way off for the Chloe bikini. Do they do it on purpose? I wonder because they’re making a profit off my return…it’s been weeks waiting for my bottoms. I’m heading to the beach Friday…I don’t think I will get it. Ugh

    • My daughter never received her return – we’ve both been in contact with customer service – spent many hours on it. This company is horrible and we will encourage everyone to not be taken advantage of like we were.

      • I have had the same issues. They will not help me with my return and the suit doesn’t fit. they have been giving me the run around for weeks.

      • I wish I had seen this post prior to my order. their customer service is abhorrent. why does the blogger say they have good customer service? have you ever tried to exchange anything. it has been a nightmare and they have no phone # and use fake names.

        • You can say that again! Website says 24-48 hours, it’s been a week and my suit is still sitting here in the bag. Ridiculous service and definately I’ve spoken with Iris and Mia four times each so that can’t possibly be real. Summer will be over before I get the replacement suit. I just wonder when they will give me the RA after hours and hours of “chat” and 10 back and forth emails where their continuously ask me for my full name and address which (surprise) would be on the order number that they still have.

        • I ordered a bikini for my daughter from the UK – we paid $20 in shipping and today I received a bill from FedEx for another Ā£27 (($45.60 Aus) for Duty and Tax Invoice – a total spend of $65.60 Aus for a $81 bikini. According to Customer Services it’s not their fault as it’s the UK Gov – but their warning is woeful on the website and would never have bought it had I known. They may not be legally responsible but they certainly are morally. There should be adequate warnings that you will pay over 80% in shipping these bikinis!
          DO NOT BUY if you are in the UK

          • I had the same experience Ā£20 shipping and then a bill from Fedex UK for Tax and Duty admin Ā£28 – I would never have bought if I knew of this cost. Not worth buying from the UK.

      • I am also VERY UNHAPPY with their return policy. They make it ridiculously difficult and if anything goes wrong, the customer is the one who has to shoulder the shipping fees.

    • I agree they are making profit off returns! They are currently not paying me the $200 they owe me saying they cannot refund my original account and must use PayPal?’ So sketchy. I feel uncomfortable and would NEVER order nor advise anyone else to order from them. Unless you have bony hips, their bottoms will never fit an actual woman!

  2. Hi Dominique, your post really helped. I was just wondering what size you normally wear up top as I am also ordering the milky and am still confused on sizing. Any further advice?

      • Hello I’m looking at ordering a couple bathing suits and was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding sizing?!!

        For top I am a 34b
        And bottoms I am unsure of. My waist is between a 29-30 so I’m unsure of what size bottoms I would need

        Thanks for your help!!

        • Hi danielle,

          I would go by your hips not waist size. I have a size 26-27 waist but larger hips. I ordered a medium and it was to small. I will be getting a large possibly even and extra large next time. So all in all the bottoms seem to run small I would size up. Hope this helps!

        • I just order two triangl bikini…and im a bit desapointed about the sizing.. I took a XL for the bottom and its a bit to tight the sizing is not normal!!! Just be careful ! The Xlarge in triangl look like a medium hope its help you šŸ™‚

  3. This post helped me a lot! The girls suggested me a medium bottoms as well but I’m just too afraid it’s going to be tight. What size are you for bottoms usually?

    • Glad to help! I would say that if in doubt you should a larger size in bottoms, especially if you have flesh on your hips. I can be anywhere from an Australian S to an Australian M in bottoms. I’d say I’m usually an AU size 11 for jeans, if that helps!

  4. Hello! I really want to order one of these in the Milly design. However I am unsure what size to order in the top. I am from Canada and my bra size ranges from 36A to 36B. I have small bust but a wide back. Would you recommend a S or M? Thanks!

  5. Hi, I’m really looking forward to buy the Triangl Poppy, but i don’t know what size should I go for. I am usually 34b and 28-29 on my jeans (I usually buy jeans @ Forever21)

    • hi, go for the small size, its for 34B. unless youre fuller b, the cup size maybe too small for you. im a 34b/32c/34c and i got the small size. the band at the back fits but the cut didnt so i got it exchanged for a small+ whoch they suggested. (same band bigger cup) the medium is for 36C so unless your chest is wider it will be too loose for you! i suggest the L for the bottoms. hope this helps!

      • I had the same problem but (got a small and am a 34b/32c, the cups are a little small) but the customer service did not suggest the small+ as they thought it would be too big. How did the small+ work out for you?

        • Hi Jules! I’m exactly the same sizes as you are! I’m struggling with which size would be better for me. Did you end up ordering the S+? What would you recommend me if I’m 34B/32C?


    • Hi Angel,
      Did you end up buying your poppy bikini? I’m the same size as you and wondered what size you went for in the end!

    • M is for 36C. so get the m if you aint sure. haahha if youre a 32/34C tho get the small+ (which they suggested to me). if you wanna know more you get contact me and ill let you know? im having my exchanged from a small to a small+.

      • i ordered a s+ and I asked them if I ordered the wrong size because I’m a 34b. And they said that the s+ is normally for 32d – 34d. And I was very confused because the measurement for a s+ was a c or d. And I was just wondering if you think that a 34c would fit a s+?

      • Hi! I have the exact same issue with the Poppy style. I ordered a size S top, I’m a 34B-34C. It is actually a little small, and I’m not sure if I should exchange it for S+ because the live chat girl told me S+ is for cups C-D. She suggested I should go and try a 34D bra and if it fits me I should get an S+. But I know a D cup is way too big for me, so now I don’t know what to do. Did your S+ top fit better?

          • Hi Natalia can you pleaaaaaaaaase help me here? I’m a 34C and don’t know which triangle to order, they say at the chat S+ is for cup D but I think it’s way too large for me and don’t know if it’s going to be a bit roomy with the S+ Thanks for your help in advance!!! šŸ™‚

        • If you haven’t purchased it yet, this could help- I am a 34c and ordered th small and it was too small. I got the s+ and m and the medium is perfect!

          • Thanks šŸ™‚ burro can you say me your under bust measure ? šŸ™‚ just for make sure
            My indecision its between s+ and M

    • Hi girls! šŸ™‚ I’m thinking in buy the Brigitte model, I have asked for help in triangl website but I still undecided. My biggest problem it’s the bra, I use 36a (U.S.) and they recommend me a S but I think it’s too small .. My measures are 77cm under bust and 91 bust.
      What you think ? S+

      • Just from your measurements, I would guess that you are wearing the wrong sized bra. You shouldn’t be an A cup with a 10cm+ difference from your under bust and your bust.
        If the bra fits, however, a S should fit fine as it is a 34B. 34B is the sister size to a 36A, so the top should fit fine.

  6. Hey guys I see a lot of questions for the Millie style so I figured I’d post being that I got the Poppy style. The bikini I ordered was the paradise palms one of the new mesh bikinis. I will be receiving my package tomorrow so I’m super excited to try it all on! I am fairly petite so with that said I got xs in the bottoms (I’m a 0 in U.S. jean sizes). The chart technically said I’d be xxs but that sounded like I was going to be pushing it so I played it safe and got what I felt was right. As for the top I am a 34B however I do own 32Bs as well. Being that the xs was for A cups I didn’t want my cups being too small so I went with the chart’s suggestion. I also did talk to a few chat girls and they gave me a variety of answers but in the end I went with my gut knowing that these bikinis don’t have much stretch to them. Hope this helps for anyone who may be looking into poppy styles or who may be similar to my measurements. If anyone has questions feel free to ask!

    • GYONYI, your measurements sounds very similar to mine. I also just ordered the poppy a few minutes ago. Can you please tell me how your’s work out for you?

  7. I ordered the poppy blue crush bikini. I wore it about four times and loved it. I layed it flat to dry every time after I had taken it off but I started to warp. The front gaped open ant the top and the back of it started to stretch out it and get wavey. It just wasn’t that flattering anymore. I constantly had to adjust my swimsuit bottoms to keep everything looking that way it was supposed to. Also the straps for the top were too long and there was no way for me to tighten them. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

    • Yes! Beware…I received a Fedex Duty bill for $71.24!!! I live in Arizona…will never order again from this company!

      • I understand your feeling. Same happened to my wife. She returned the product in response to their business practice and is fighting the charges.

        TRIANGL has an unfair business practice. They don’t want you to know that you will be paying duties.

        They just say that you are responsible for duties, but they don’t tell you that their warehouse is located in Hong Kong and the duty rate for USA is 24.9% and for Canada is 18%.

      • WOW. and for that incredible amount of money they didn’t bother you to warn that they were located in Hong Kong and importing to the USA is paying 24.9%.

        TRIANGL business practice is despicable. I am sorry.

    • I had to pay around $45 for duty fees! And the bathing suit didn’t even fit so I want them to send me a new size but I’m worried that I’m going to have to pay the duty fees again

  8. Hi
    Just a quick review on the poppy flamingofling.

    I just recieved my bikini. I wear a size 36eur jeans and orders a small bottom. They fit perfetly.
    I usually wear a 32 C bra sometimes a 32 B. I orderd a small + top. The strap around the back is fine, but the cups did leave about 1cm gap at the top of my bust. Just wondering if I should exchange it for a small top instead?

    • Hi there!
      The reason the S+ didn’t fit you right is because it about a 32D/34C bra size wise.
      If you are a 32C, a S should fit you better, because it is a 34B which is the sister size to 32C. It may be slightly too big in the cup if you are more towards a 32B, but as you’ve said you were a B/C a S should fit you better than an XS (which is 32A).
      Hope this helps! X

  9. Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me with the sizing as I really want to get the Poppy design in Flamingo Fling. I am a 32B bra size and I don’t know if i can fit into a 32A. I was wondering if you has any advice..? Thanks so much x

    • Hey there, I have the same problem. I am a 30C in balcony bras, which are the style that the Poppy is. I can’t fit into a 32A either, but a 34B would be too big for me both band and cups.
      It is really annoying, and I would love it if Triangl did an XS+ for 28D/30C – this would then fit both of us!

  10. Just wondering what size I would probably be, I’ve looked on the website but I’m still unsure. I’m a 34C in U.S. sizes and a 34D in UK sizes, and for bottoms I am usually a size 6 in U.S. and 10 in UK. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hey Megan!

      I would reccomend you go for the Medium. It has a self tie back, so you can tie it as tight as you need but the cups should fit. It would be a 36C, which is the sister size to 34D and should fit you better than the Small which is a 34B.
      I’d also recommend going for a Medium in bottoms as I am pretty sure they are a size 10 UK!
      Hope this helps! L x

  11. Has anyone actually went swimming in these yet? Does the material really retain a lot of water and keep you really hot? I don’t know if I would particularly like that in a swimsuit

    • It does, it doesn’t dry very well and stays quite warm, compared to my other bikinis. I think this is super uncomfortable with the bottoms. With the top it’s not so bad.

  12. I was wondering if anyone could help me with sizes! I want a poppy top, and i am a 32A and a 0-00 in bottoms. Not sure if the xxs would be better than a xs top for me. Thanks

  13. If you live in the United States, expect a Fedex Duty bill in addition to the shipping fee. I live in Arizona and received a bill for $71.24!!! Wasn’t expecting this! After contacting Triangl… They replied that they were not responsible for this.

    • I also received a FedEx duty bill for $200. I live in California and will NEVER order from this company again. The bill arrived several weeks after I received my swimsuits and Triangl said they were not responsible.

    • same happened to my wife. TRIANGL doesn’t want you to know that they shipped from Hong Kong and that means an import of their product from there is adding a 24.9% to USA customers.

      They just say that you are responsible for duties and tariffs, bot forget to mention their location in the STOREFRONT. For their benefit they to that in small print in their FAQ Shipping Page.

      They mislead customers, that is for sure. My wife return the product in protest and is fighting the duties charges.

      In addition seems like FedEx is endorsing TRIANGL business practice.

      Until they clearly states that they are located in HONG KONG and to be aware that a charge of 24.9% (USA) or 18% (CANADA) will be added on top of the bill I suggest to refrain purchasing from TRIANGL

  14. Hi guys! I’m a usual size 6 but I’m not super tight around the hip area and I ordered a medium in the poppy and milly bottoms. They fit but they kind of squeeze my fat at the sides and at the sides of my butt. Has anyone else experienced this issue and upgraded to a large? Thanks!

  15. I am completely confused now. I wear a 36B Bra but in US clothes, I wear a 6/8. 8 in US dresses. I wear a 29 in jeans, and 8 /10 in US dresses for the bottom. I have no idea what size to get. I”m looking at the Black Neon and customer service said to get a M top and a L or XL bottom. Since I live in the US, I’d like to get the correct sizing to avoid exchange or return – double duty charge? any help would be appreciated.

    • Hey there! A M top might be a bit big in the cups, but would definitely fit in the band.
      8 would be L in the bottoms.
      10 would be XL.
      I would just go with whatever you think would fit best. I don’t think they have much stretch though, so if you are closer to a 10 than an 8, go for the XL.
      Hope this helps!

  16. Thank you for the review! I ordered the Millie swimsuit in a size S+ top (I wear a 32D Victoria’s Secret bra) and S bottoms (I have about a 24in waist). I love the swimsuit and everything fits great, but the bottoms scrunch up when I sit down and creates a gap in the front for anyone to see into. Although in the back it is a little tight on my butt so it squeezes out at the sides… If I had to say anything about the product I would say the top fights just right but the bottoms are a little odd fitting, give it a 7/10. Hope this helps anyone looking!

  17. Be aware that you are responsible for customs fees. 2 weeks after the suits arrived my daughter got a FedEx bill for$ customs fees.

  18. Watch out for extra charges!!!! I was charged $200 in taxes to ship to the US. Triangl has refused to reimburse me and I will never order from this company again.

    They say they inform you on the website, but you have to read the fine print on the final page or FAQs to find there may be extra charges. Even then, I couldn’t have expected the charge to be $200 on four bikinis. Completely ridiculous.

    • Did you happen to order more than one suit? Just trying to figure out this whole duty charge thing before I order and from what I’m understanding so far, you don’t get charged if your order is under a certain amount of money, so I was just wondering what your order was.

  19. Hi all,

    This is my reason for unsubscribing to their website and also why I will never buy from them again, long winded I know but it had to be said! I would actually love to know if anyone else had an issue with sizing?

    You should be ashamed to call yourself an Australian company…….your sizes are far from what the Australian sizes are….if your going to manufacture your items overseas try an actually match the Australian sizes…. if you really think that an XL is good for a DD cup then you must be kidding yourselves! bought your “L” which was meant to be a D what I got was a was really an A or B I thought ok fine no problem sent it back and changed it to “XL” company was great quick at responding and all that jazz ……… for an “XL” / “DD” Cup bust….lets just say when I gave the bikini to a friend it fit her B cup chest Perfectly!!!!!!

    What a shame I think and what a disappointment…… because you really do have beautiful bikinis.

  20. hi! just need some help on sizing, as I’ve gotten mixed suggestions from the triangl website. I’m usually a 00-1 in jeans (U.S sizes) and a 31″ hip size, should I get xs or xxs? I’m worried that the xs may be a little big, and that the xxs might not fit me next season!?

    • If you look at Kallie Kaiser’s review on YouTube, she has 30 inch hips and found the S to fit her.
      This would probably fit you too then šŸ™‚

    • Omg same concern I had before I ordered!! I’m 14 which means I’m still growing. I got a xxs because they said the bottom is gonna be bigger once you get in the water and I don’t think your hips are growing any wider, probably only the stomach which won’t be a concern for the hip. I saw a lot of reviews saying that the water will get into the bottom when you get up so I think definitely go a size smaller!! šŸ™‚

    • Hi there! I have talked several times with the ladies on the Live Chat and this is what I found out…

      An XXS top is 30AA, the bottoms are size 0US and 4UK.
      An XS top is 32A, the bottoms are size 2US and 6UK.
      A S top is 34B, the bottoms are size 4US and 8UK.
      A M top is 36C, the bottoms are size 6US and 10UK.
      A L top is 38D, the bottoms are size 8US and 12UK.
      An XL is 40DD, the bottoms are size 10US and 12UK.

      A S+ top is 32D/34C but is only available in some styles (Milly and Poppy for definite).

      Hope this helped!

  21. Hello, i’m a bit confiused if someone could help ne it would be great:p. I’m from Canada and i wear 32D, which size should i get?

    • If you are getting a style that offers S+, then it should fit perfectly!

      However, if not, it might be a bit tricky. It really depends on whether you are closest to a 32C (sister size to the S which is 34B) or a 32DD (which would fit the cups of the M but the band would be loose at a 36C).
      Sorry I can’t be more help!

  22. Hello, I’ve been reading these reviews and they have been very useful. First thing is I’m a 36c-d and l am about 32 round the waist, i want to order a milly and i don’t know what size to get. All the models are very thin, have small boobs and are very tanned (all of which I’m not) so if any one could help me, that would be very useful.

    Im also confused about this bill from fedex, i live in England and I’m very worried because i live so far away that this would be very high bill…

    So yeah, help!!!

  23. Hi Dominique or anyone else reading this šŸ™‚ I was wondering since you live in Australia did you experience any custom fees for your bikinis? I am wanting to buy one but won’t be able to afford extra custom fees.

  24. Hi – So, apparently, I am an idiot. I looked on the site, fell in love with the suits and didn’t google re: issues/taxes/etc. I was hit with a $200 customs fee. So annoying. I had ordered extra suits to try and am only keeping one so if anyone is in the US and wants to purchase the 5 suits I had planned to return, let me know. I’ll send you photos and the receipt. They are all new/in the wrapping, size XS. Sigh…still trying to figure out if I will get hit with a tax when I return the extras.

    • Rebecca, I am sorry to hear that. TRIANGL business practice is awful. They don’t clearly say that you will be punch by a 24.9% duty trade since they are located in Hong Kong and the product will be imported to the USA. 18% is you are in CANADA.

      Same happened to my wife. She returned the products and is fighting the charges.

      Thank you for telling your story here it will help in her fight. I suggest to try to do the same and also contact FedEx saying that why are they endorsing so an awful business practice from TRIANGL.

  25. Will I get double duty fees? The sizes were completely wrong and I don’t want to have to pay the duty fee back to get a new bathing suit šŸ™


    HEAVY DUTIES APPLY to TRIANGL SWIMWEAR and it seems like TRIANGL doesn’t clearly want you to be AWARE OF.

    They only statment they make about it is that you have to pay for duties and taxes but in the STOREFRONT they conveniently FORGET to mention that their warehouse is in HONG KONG. They don’t ship from within the USA.

    They only mention that their warehouse is in HK in a small typefont in the customer care section under the shipping FAQ.

    That means that if you are a USA Customer you pay 24.9% duty on top of your purchase. FedEx will make sure you pay for that additional tax. And if you are in CANADA you will pay 18%.

    The heading and subheading of the swimwear sold by TRIANGL according to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is 6112.41.0010 or just 6112.41

    TRIANGL swimwear looks nice, but make sure you are fully aware of the total cost of owning them. Add 24.9% or 18% for USA and CANADIAN customers.

    In my opinion, TRIANGL business practice is unfair and misleads customers.

  27. I know this is months old. But, I LOVE my Triangl suit. I wear a 32DDD bra, and I have wide hips but no butt. So it’s often hard to find suits that fit. I ordered a Small++ top and Small bottom in the Poppy suit. The underwire on the top is fantastic, and the bottom actually has a lot of coverage. So pleased I could find a top that fit me and provides the support I need!

  28. Hi! I was wondering if the leather material bathing suit was very durable or if it got damaged easily? I want to get a pair but I’m worried about the fabric for the leather one. Thanks!

    • Hi! It seemed to me that the leather one could be easily scratched, as when I first ordered a TRIANGL swimsuit I went with the leather look one and it already had small scratches on it. If you were careful to lie on a towel on it and not sit on rough surfaces like concrete you might be OK, but I think it’s one that you would definitely need to take extra care with. Hope that helps!

  29. I got a suit today and I wanted to give some feedback as I definitely used help from this form to do my sizing. I am 5’7, usually a 28,29 in jeans, 36A (it literally doesnt exist so I comfortably wear a 36B in VS bras), and have a 38.9 in waist– I have a bit of a booty– I did medium in top and bottom for the Poppy style. Both fit literally like a glove. The *only* thing I’d say is that the bottoms just fit. If I were to gain a little bit more body fat, I would need a large. But these mediums fit really well, do *not* feel too tight. Anyone who is debating btwn sizes– I’d almost recommend doing your true size in a VS bottom or Target bottom suit. It probably wouldnt hurt to size up, but dont feel like your true size would be too small. Also shout out to their costumer service dept–I literally changed my order (debating btwn medium and large bottoms) 4 times, and they obliged each time before finally sending it out.

      • Hi! You have similar measurements to me (34A/32B, 27 inch waist, 38.5 inch hips). I just ordered two triangl bathing suits in a X-Small top and a size Medium bottom. Do you still stand by your comments? I’m really concerned that I ordered bottoms that are far too small! Did your style of bathing suit (Poppy) have a lot of stretch to it?

  30. Hi I have to say I m really disappointed in my triangl swim suit. The bathing suit is expensive and not to mention i had to return the bottoms for a medium which cost me extra. The top fits great gives good support I wear a size small.
    The bottoms feel like cardboard literally feels like my lady parts can’t breathe. I have the lite pink one and it was destroyed from me swimming in the lake some how sand particles attached to the swim suit and it’s impossible to get it out this bathing suit would be best for just the pool and not near sand ( and no I was not even sitting in the sand) Anyways I wouldn’t buy one again. Not worth the money.

  31. Hi. I want to order the poppy bathing suit, but I am unsure what size to pick. I’m 34D and all my bathing suit bottoms are xtra small (Victoria secret). My waist is size 26 in jeans (7s, true religion, jbrand). According to their sizes, I should get a small. But when I talked to customer service, she said get what you normally wear. So, I’m a lil confuse now, should I get xtra small? (I don’t want a muffin top) or a small (I don’t want it baggy at the bum). And I don’t really want to have to return it and go through all the hassle and spend more money…. Any help or advice would be appriciated. šŸ™‚

  32. Ordered my first triangl bikini. Was so looking forward to it since ive been wanting one for a year. So for my 18th my mother got me one. But than i got charged myself with exchange. And shipping. And than when it arrived at my door, $50 extra? Almost $200 on a $89 dollar bathing suit. Best part was i spent months talking to girls online to figure out what size to get. So i ordered an XL top (a DD which is what I am) and it doesn’t near fit. I can’t return it because i lose even more money. So disappointed with my bathing suit. Had my hopes up for so long. And they can’t even do anything about it.

  33. I had the Molly bikini and also agree that the bottoms were hideous and could not be worn and I am only a small person. Loved the top and also wore with other bottoms however the boning/wire came out of the top after around a fortnight of wear. Triangl did give me a refund with no issues but I would never make a purchase from them again when you are basically paying $99 for a swimmer top only and its not even great quality.

  34. Hi. I also got one in the poppy style but I’m thinking it maybe too loose at the bottom.

    When you had an exchange for the bottom, what makes you feel it fits right? Right now I can put it on effortlessly and it’s not skin tight like a skinny jean. I don’t think it will fall but I’m concern once it’s wet its heavier. Then I’m not sure…

    I’d appreciate if you can share your opinion On what’s a good fit for a triangl bottom.


  35. I’m planning on buying a triangl bikini. I’m a 32B and im usually a US4 what sizes should i get? I’m planning on buying an ollie

  36. hey guys, im an A32 cup and my hips are about 89 cm.. which size do you think I should order? it comes in sets s,m or l only šŸ™

  37. I am in the USA and just received a bill for $73.48 for customs (this is in addition to Triangl’s $20 shipping fee). In other words, I paid $90 for the suit and $93.48 for shipping!!! Can you believe that?!?!?! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! Or at least understand that if you live in the USA, the REAL cost of the suit is actually DOUBLE the listed price.

    By the way, I wanted to return one of the suits I received but since I have to send back to Hong Kong, my new plan is to resell on craigslist or something. Otherwise my out-of-pocket return shipping cost will be almost as much as the suit itself!!

    • which State did you require your shipping to? I am wondering if the tax rate is the same for the entire country or if some states don’t even have it. Thank you.

  38. Hi your post has been very helpful. After reading the comments I have decided to be brave and go with the s+ as i am a 12c (34c) but I cannot decide what bottom size to get. I usually wear 10/12 in bonds undies. The 12 are a bit loose. Should i get the M or L bottoms. I am looking at the confetti garden midnight delight range.

  39. I’m wanting to order the Ollie Poppy Wanderlust suit and can’t decide what size to order for the bottoms. In US I vary from a 00 to a 1. I would say I have smallish hips but not a small bum. I can’t decide if I should go xxs or xs. I don’t want it to be saggy, but I also don’t want it to be way to small.

  40. I have just received a Duty invoice of Ā£133.26 – I will never order from Triangl again as this is just a big rip off. They say that they cannot advise what duty costs might be as they vary from country to country but surely the UK must be fairly standard.

  41. Can you wring them out after rinsing in cold water, or do you avoid ‘crushing’ the neoprene by wringing and then have permanent wrinkles? I just received mine, mostly for lap swimming, and a bit worried about the drying time and the lay flat hassle. Also, wondering if when wet, the bottoms may peel off when swimming rather than just standing around in the pool?

    • I usually either rinse them in cold water and just hang them or put them through the washing machine in a delicates bag on cold. I don’t think it’s a good idea to wring them out… I think it would crack the neoprene. Hope that helps!

  42. My daughter ordered 3 bathing suits before Christmas. None of them fit. Cost = $267 + $20 shipping fee. I asked for return authorization, customer service indicated I needed to ship them back to Hong Kong! I asked wasn’t there a U.S. distribution center, and she said that i could ship them there, but would forego any credit back on customs fees – which at that point i had not been billed for. I asked how much are the custom fees, and response was that they weren’t at liberty to say. So i took my changes — how much could they be, right? 10% – $25-30? I would probably be near breakeven in shipping back to Hong Kong. So I sent them to the U.S. A week later i get the Fed Ex bill for customs … fully $75! How possible it cost me $85 in shipping/custom fees on something that costs $267. never again. So I pay the Fed Ex bill and chock it up to a learning experience to not ever do this again. Now a week later, I get an acknowledgment that they received my return, but are questioning whether everything was sent back in some strange cryptic way… I’ve been going back & forth with them once/day for several days now. I’m still in limbo.

  43. Importing Triangl from Hong Kong to USA. Basically these “high end” bathing suits are made in China…. this is also something to consider when purchasing one.

    There is an import duty charge on goods exceeding $200, basically if you order 3 or more bathing suits you will have to pay an extra tax. There is no extra tax for goods under $200. If you order 1 bathing you will not have a pay an extra tax. Triangl bathing suits come from Hong Kong, which is where they are made. You should really do your research before purchasing something from a foreign country and it is not Triangl’s fault, Triangl isn’t responsible for informing you about your country’s import tax law or the specific amount. In addition, on their website they do disclose that there may be an extra tax for customs or duty based on the country you are importing to. On their website they do not mention that their bathing suits are coming from Hong Kong, which I believe is wrong. Triangl is sneaky… If they don’t disclose where their bathing suits are made or coming from, what else aren’t they telling us?
    Do your research on your country’s import tax before purchasing!!!

      • yes if you buy three like we did. We live in Nashville. $75 bill from FedEx. Our first response is going to be to refuse to pay it. No idea if above post about minimum purchase is correct. Do NOT use this company? We had never even heard of import fees to private customers ordering to their homes over the Internet!

        • They actually do mention that they ship from Hong Kong, it’s in the tab with shipping information and it aren’t small letters or something. Also, there are enough sites where you can calculate the extra duties etc. So actually, I don’t really see a problem?

  44. I love the look of the bikinis but I’m not sure they are worth the price and the hassle of how to care for them. You can’t put them in the washing machine so have to wash them by hand. I find them quite sticky on the beach because of the material. The perks of the material though is that a strapless top stays up! I also got hit by a rather nasty FedEx bill of Ā£90! This means after buying two bikinis I’ve spent Ā£240!!! That’s just ridiculous on swimwear that’s not hassle free (being able to machine wash) and it’s not that comfortable. Like everyone else I found the sizing confusing but luckily guessed right (I am an 8 on top so went for a S and 10 on the bottom so went for a M). To sum it up I love the look but definitely won’t be buying from them again. Total rip off.

    • Hi, Im from the UK and ordered a triangl bikini last week, it got here fine and I haven’t had any charges yet, i had no idea i would be charged.. When did you get this fed ex bill and how?

    • I had no idea that I would have to pay a FedEx bill. I bought these bikinis online and paid 20 USD for “delivery” fees. My bikinis arrived and I loved them, but today I RECEIVED A FEDEX BILL FOR Ā£90!!! If I had known this I would have never considered buying from this website. All in all two bikinis cost me over Ā£200 – which I find completely ridiculous considering I wasn’t prepared nor willing to spend this amount of money on swimwear in the first place. If there had been a clear indication that import duties and tax would cost me as much as the bikinis themselves, it would have been ok. But this was a completely (nasty) surprise. I wholeheartedly disagree and find the practices of this business appalling. Least to say, I am NEVER EVER going to buy anything from this company again.

  45. Hi! I love your blog. I was just wondering if the tops run big or small, because I have a very small bust and I was wondering if I should get an xs, or an xxs. The straps nor the band is adjustable, so that’s pretty annoying, and I want to get the right fit so I don’t have to return anything. Also, I’m fourteen and sort of a late bloomer, so I’m worried the top may not fit me in a year or so. Thanks for the help; it would really do me some good if you could tell me if the tops run true to size. Thanks

    • Hi Grace, I found the top in the Milly style to run small, and I am not small in the bust, so I think they do run a bit small. I am normally a medium but I changed mine for a small. I think from memory when I spoke to the online chat at Triangl some of the styles are actually designed for girls with a smaller bust, so it might be worth contacting them to see which ones they recommend for smaller busts. Hope that helps!

  46. Hi everyone! I am looking at the farrah style. I’m a 32a (but have gotten away with a 34b) and a size 4-6 (with a butt) I don’t know what size to get, HELP

  47. DO NOT BUY. Sizing is for children. I am an extremely slim woman who could barely fit into the bikini, for one. Two, you can’t crease them? Or wash them? And they are in no way shaping for anyone who has any sort of curve to their body.

    I received mine in the mail after weeks to find the “size guide” is completely off so the bikini did not fit, so I opted to return it. That took long enough in itself to receive a “return code” and then found out I had to pay for it MYSELF to ship it back to the company. ABSURD.

    Once I returned it, I received an email weeks later that I only receive the price of the bikini back. So, I paid $79 PLUS $20 SHIPPING and was only refunded for the $79 I paid for the bikini.

    I emailed customer service and was told that “their policy does not return shipping.” So, I paid $35 in shipping and returning for a bikini that they can now resell to the next girl.

    YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE MONEY TRIANGL. WHAT A SCAM. Not a way to do business. That’s for sure. Beware of this nonsense.

  48. If I’m a size 0 in hollister jeans, and a size c in bras, should i get a S+ for the top, and a S for the bottoms?

  49. If Iā€™m a size 0 in hollister jeans, and a size c in bras, should i get a S+ for the top, and a S for the bottoms? (For the MILLY)

  50. Hi everyone! This website has been a huge help but I’m still a little iffy about my sizing for the bottoms. I’m looking at purchasing the Delilah style; my hips are ~36 inches and I typically wear an XS/S in underwear and vary in sizing for pants anywhere from a 2 to a 6 in Canadian sizes. They girl on the chat requested an M for the bottoms but I’m scared their going to be too big on my because I’m typically never an M for any bottoms! Any feedback would be super helpful thanks!

  51. I had two bikinis shipped to Ontario Canada and had to pay 81$ in duty. The bikinis are nice but I don’t think the 81$ in duty and 20$ for shipping is worth it.

  52. I know this is an older post, but I scrolled through and read all the comments before purchasing a bathing suit from Triangl recently and I hope that my experience will help someone!

    Like a lot of people I did a lot a research before purchasing a bathing suit from Triangl because they are quite expensive. Online there is a lot of information for girls who are quite thin, but no one posted who was similar to my size. I have a relatively small torso (I wear a 34C) and wide hips, I have a small waist but a full bum and full thighs (I am usually a size 8 in bottoms because I need the bigger size for my thighs and bum). I read countless blog posts, watched lots of youtube vidoes and talked to the customer service girls at Triangl 5 or 6 times. I decided to get the Delphine suit and every time I talked to the customer service I was told to get the same size, S+ (small band around and larger cups) for the top and large bottoms. I asked every single time if the S+ was going to provide enough coverage for me because I dont like being overly exposed in a swimsuit and every single one of them assured me that I needed an S+. For the bottoms I asked the same thing, should I size up to the XL because I dont want the bathing suit cutting into my hips and making me bulge out the top and bottom and all of them told me the XL would be too big and to go with the large. So I bit the bullet and ordered the S+ top and the L bottoms.

    Between the time ordered and the time received was about a week, however I encountered a few problems with Triangl on the way (never got a shipping confirmation, customer service told me they would get back to me in 24 hours they never did, talked to countless people on the chat who never actually helped me, I ended up finding out that my shipment was on the way from FedEx who had called me to tell me I owed them $42 in duty fees, I live in Canada).

    After I did receive the bathing suit, I originally was happy with it, but then I put it on again that night and I began to feel self conscious. I do feel like my boobs are spilling out of the top especially on the sides, maybe its just be being modest and not wanting to expose that much of myself or im not sure, the band is also a tad big around me which sucks because there is no adjustable strap. The bottoms are ok, but they do cut into me a tiny bit which is slightly unflattering.

    The problem I have with Triangl is that they insist on being an online only store. And for something like a $100US bathing suit they have a really shitty return policy. If I wanted to send it back and try a new size I would need to pay to ship it back to somewhere in the states, and they would send me a new one which I would probably have to pay another $42 in duties on which is just not worth it for me.

    I just hope that I could help someone who is having sizing issues and isnt a size 2 like lots of these other girls. I also hope that perhaps Triangl will consider changing their policies when it comes to returns and exchanges when they are charging so much for their products. It’s not that I dont like my new bathing suit, I do, but for the amount I ended up paying for it, I should love it, not just like it.

    • Hey Jackie! I saw you mentioned you were not happy with the s+ top they recommended. I am 34D and all the customer service girls have recommended the S+, however i have the same issues as you, i want coverage. Do you think i should go the s++, i was told that would be too big. Thanks for your help šŸ™‚

    • Jackie, awesome review!! Especially helpful that we are the same size :). Being Canadian (I’m in Australia) I’m assuming you wear or are familiar with Lululemon sizing? I a size 8 in Lulu tights – is that the same as you? Also whilst I am a 34C it is only for the width, not the fullness. I’m a very shallow C and struggle to actually fill a proper C and need bras with padding for shape. Do you think I will experience a similar spillage problem? Thanks again, best detailed and helpful review!

    not only are they a complete rip off and you CAN get nicer bathers from any other brand (i recommend oasis, they are sort of like neoprene but better and a lot cheaper and better quality)
    i brought a pair that were out of stock and i wasn’t notified about it until a week later when i emailed them as i hadn’t received a tracking number, thank god i didn’t need the bathers urgently
    unfortunately the bathers didn’t fit so i had to send them back (this is where their company fails)
    i took me a week to get a reply, another week to get an okay to send them back, and now i have been waiting for a week for them to get back to me since the bathers arrived at the location they told me to send it to
    they are the worse company i have ever dealt with
    go and get yourself a $5 pair of bathers from Kmart, they are probably the same quality

  54. I know this is an old post for for anyone looking to buy a bathing suit from triangl I thought I’d give my experience. First and for most I love my new bathing suit. I bought the milly in New York noir. My bra size at Victoria secret is a 32DD and I wear 2-4 size bottoms. I was told to buy the s++ in top which fits perfectly. The band isn’t loose and fits quite snugly but isn’t too tight that my skin is bulging over the edges. The front coverage is nice it’s not too revealing. Now I was unsure of what sizes bottoms to get. I ended up buying a size four. I’m a small in Victoria secret underwear. The bottoms fit me quite well to. They don’t cut into my hips. I’m fit but not super skinny. The fit turned out great. I live in Canada so duties was 47 dollars but I think it was worth it with the why the fit turned out. I ended up paying about 180 dollars in total.
    The one thing with buying a black suit is that it gets quite hot when your suntanning. Since the fabric is neoprene is doesn’t breathe well either. But other then that is fantastic and well made. I’ll just have to take lots of dips to stay cool šŸ™‚
    I’d buy from their again.

  55. Hi, I’m thinking about buying either the Lulu, Black Neon or Poppy, but I’m not sure which size to get! In bra sizes, I’m a 10C (32D US) and for tops I’m normally size 6-8 (US size 2-4) and in pants size 10-12 (US size 6-8). I’m thinking size S+ might be the best for the top, but I’m not sure about the bikini bottom. Any suggestions? And also, which is best, the regular or cheeky bottom?

  56. I’m a 32C with a proportionate size bust…. I ordered a medium because my boobs are pretty round and perky so I was afraid of them falling out of a small. The woman recommended me an XS but I feel like that’d be wayyy too small. Anyone have similar breast size and get a medium?

  57. Please think twice before ordering from Triangl or be absolutely sure about the sizes you order. Returning items and receiving a refund is a nightmare. I am living it. It took over 4 emails to get a return authorization code from them and the return shipping address. I verified using my tracking number that they received the items as scheduled. It has been over a month and I haven’t been refunded and we all know their suits are not cheap! I contacted them again and they said they never received my return package. I gave them the tracking number and now they are telling me they have to go though some verification process to track down the items that were returned. Google “Triangle reviews” and read for yourself all the horror stories. I think I will be one of the lucky ones if I ever receive a refund for the items I returned.

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