Switching Hemispheres is a new direction for my blog, with a focus on living abroad, travel and photography.

For awhile now I haven’t felt entirely comfortable blogging under my first name last name domain address, with just my name as the branding. It started to make me feel self conscious, I suppose. Also with just my name as the blog, I felt like it wasn’t entirely clear to readers what it was about, and sometimes it wasn’t entirely clear to me either! I spent a lot of time experimenting with all different kinds of posts, trying click bait headlines, showing potential employers all of the different writing styles I can do. But eventually it became clear to me that what I really enjoy sharing is my photography and my experience of what I was photographing.

Now that I have a new home in London, it feels right that my blog get it’s new home too. So welcome to my updated, fresh new site Switching Hemispheres, a travel and photography destination.

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