Travel is impossible to sum up in a quote. That’s because, like life, travel can often be such a contradictory experience. The amazing experiences; the disappointments, the bonding with companions; the bickering, the wonder at experiencing a different culture; the frustrations and difficulties that can be inherent in that…

Many trips have a personal significance that’s completely unique to the individual traveller.  Whether it was a journey to prove your independence, the adventure of a lifetime, the realisation of a lifelong desire to see a particular destination, the time you realised that your partner was/wasn’t right for you because you could/couldn’t get along while travelling together, part of a recovery from a breakup, or an exercise in getting comfortable with being completely alone. This means that the same destination becomes is an experience unique to each person.

Yes, it’s impossible to sum up travel in one quote. But here are 20 of my favourite attempts.

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